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For any critical issues or difficulties faced while submitting application please call to our Quick Response Team at 03322622004 in between 10am to 5pm on Monday to Friday (Except Holidays) | Applicants can avail the e-Service - Issuance of Trade License Certificate (New) under the Department of UD&MA from : whereas Renewal of Trade License Certificate under the Department of UD&MA e-Service is currently available from Silpasathi Portal | The Silpasathi Portal is now LIVE with 118 Industrial related Licenses / Approvals / NoCs and Renewals | For any technical query, kindly drop a mail at | Silpa Sathi Single Window Cell - Helpline no. (Toll free) 1800-345-5562
Service Related Advantage
Ease of Doing Business in Bengal includes
  • Dissemination of web-based information
  • Incentives and land allotment in industrial parks & estates
  • GIS maps for ease of location
  • Simplification of processes & procedures
  • Decentralization of approval power
  • Reduced documentation
  • Introduction of self-declaration and self-certification
  • eServices and single window system for business enacted through Single Window Act for statutory compliances, and a host of other systems and processes.
Certificate of Enlistment (Trade License) matters: Urban Local Bodies and Panchayats
Environment (Pollution)
  • Detailed procedure and comprehensive checklist available at
  • Online Consent to Establish (NOC) including auto-renewal facility
    [Memo No. 1542-4A-6/2015 dtd. 01.06.2015 and 1749-4A-6/2015 dtd : 17/06/2015]
  • Online Consent to Operate including auto-renewal facility
    [Memo No. 1542-4A-6/2015 dtd. 01.06.2015 and Memo No. 1644-4A-6/2015 (Part I) dtd 28/06/2016]
  • No clearance/consent required for industries under ‘White’ and ‘Exempted’ category
  • Green category industries exempted from inspection
  • Standard Operating Procedure for inspection process introduced
  • Extended validity of consent to operate up to 7 years for ‘Green’ category and 5 years for ‘Orange’ & ‘Red’ categories
    [Memo No. 1646-4A-7/2016 dtd. 28/06/2016 of WBPCB]
  • Computerized risk assessment of industries and allocation of inspectors
    [Memo No. 1645-4A-6/2015 (Part-I) dtd. 28/06/2015]
  • Online submission of inspection report with 48 hours introduced
    [Memo No. 1645-4A-6/2015 (Part-I) dtd. 28/06/2015 read with Memo No. 1645A-4A-6/2015 (Part-I) dtd. 28/06/2015 of WBPCB]
  • Documentation burden reduced for pollution clearance
Labour Matters
  • Detailed procedure, comprehensive checklist and timeline under all Labour Laws
  • Online approval of factory plan, registration and grant of license including renewal at
  • Online registration & renewal under Shops & Establishments Act 1963 at
  • Online license for contractor & renewal available at
  • Registration of principal employer establishment/ registration under building and other construction workers available at
  • Online registration for Boiler, renewal, payment, downloadable certificate and verification of validity of certificate available at
  • Validity of factory license extended to a period of three years or more up to a maximum of ten years
    [Notification No. Labr/638/(Law)/LW/4L-5/15 dtd. 29.12.2016]
  • Exemption of registration of admn/ clerical department of a factory
  • Extended time of operation of shops/ establishments
  • No advance notice to be served for any overtime retention of worker
  • Risk based categorization of establishments (High Medium and Low)
  • Synchronized/ joint inspection under 16 Labour Laws minimizing the hassles of inspection
  • 3rd party inspection by accreditated agencies allowed for factories and boilers
  • Final inspection report submission within 48 hours after inspection
    [Order No.470-IR/3C/04/2015 dtd. 23/05/2016 of Labour Dept]
  • Exemption of shops and establishment from mandatory closure
  • E-register for shops and establishments
  • Self-certification allowed under Contract Labour Act, Payment of Wages Act, Shops & Establishment Act, Minimum Wages Act, Boilers Act and Factories Act.
  • Computerized allocation of inspector under various Labour Laws
    [Order no.1229-GE/G/4P-15/15 dtd.23.05.2016 of Labour Dept.]
  • Well defined Grievance redressal mechanism
  • Time bound services under Right to Services Act
Building plan sanction
  • Online application for Building Plan Sanction/ Construction permit introduced in Municipal Corporations and in most of ULBs
  • Time bound disposal: within 15 days by ULB and 30 days by Panchayat (60 days, if Department’s vetting required)
  • No Objection under T&CP Act to ULB within 15 days
  • Industrial Estate/Park authorities (WBIDC, WBSIDC, WBIIDC, WEBEL) delegated with power to sanction building plan for industrial units in their estate/park, parks
  • Standard fees rate prescribed; no other charges/fee allowed
Tax related matters
  • Detailed procedure, comprehensive checklist, timeline for all applicable taxes made online
  • Online registration, payment and filling of the return for applicable taxes eliminating physical process
  • Downloadable final certificate and 3rd party verification of approval of certificate
  • Composite VAT registration introduced for small traders whereby only a fixed amount is paid annually & no return is required to be filed
  • Provision of tax collection at source
  • Users are provided assistance for e-filing at service centers
  • A helpline for providing basic service assistance to users in preparing and filing returns. Help Desk : (033) 71221000 / 1222 or
  • Direct credit for refund of VAT to dealer’s account (Trade Circular No. 11/2015 dated: 27.05.2015)
  • System for risk based audit related to tax compliance using risk parameters
  • Online forms are available relating to information captured at check posts
  • Static check posts is being phased out and mobile squads have been mandated Single ID for State taxes
  • e-Waybill, e- Grievances, e-Transit Declaration, e-Appeal/e-Revision/e-Review introduced
  • Professional tax and VAT registration certificate is provided within one working day, notification available at
  • Online registration of brands and labels of liquor and issue of permits for importing liquor for manufacture and renewal of excise license
  • Online payment facility of Excise Duty, 24*7 available, accessible from anywhere without extra cost
Registering property
  • Detailed procedure, list of documents for application & renewal of wholesale/retail drug license, drug manufacturing license []
  • Time bound disposal of application for drug license notified under WBRTPS Act,2013: 90days [Notification No.HF/O/GA/3885/W-77/2013 dated2.12.2013 of Health & FW Dept.]
  • Online application and renewal of wholesale /retail drug license, tracking of application
  • Online application and renewal of license of Clinical Establishment, detailed procedure and comprehensive list of documents, tracking of application [ ]
  • Time bound disposal of application of license of Clinical Establishment notified under WBRTPS Act,2013 :90days [Notification No. HF/O/GA/3885/W-77/2013 dated 2.12.2013 of Health & FW Dept.]
  • Online application and renewal of license for food manufacturing , store &sales by Food Business Operator(FBO) including detailed procedure and comprehensive list of documents, tracking of application
  • Time bound disposal of application under Pre- Conception & Pre- Natal Diagnostic Techniques notified under WBRTPS Act,2013 : 90days
    [Notification No.HF/O/GA/3885/W-77/2013 dated 2.12.2013 of Health & FW Dept.]
  • Detailed procedure, comprehensive list of documents for application for operation of Blood Bank
Land matters
  • Mutation and conversion of land for setting up industries in 21 days and 30 days respectively
    (Order No. No.324-LP/1A-12/13 dated 05/02/2015)
  • Deemed No Objection from ULC and Local Body etc. for mutation and conversion respectively if not responded in 14 days of reference
    (Order No. No.324-LP/1A-12/13 dated 05/02/2015 of L&LR Dept.)
  • Documentation burden reduced for land conversion application
  • Dedicated Unique Clearance Centres (UCC) in districts for fast-tracking mutation and conversion of industrial land
  • RS-LR plot information and mutation case status made online (
  • Certified copies of Record of Right (ROR) / Plot Information and certified copy of mouza map For land conversion, only process fee for conversion to be paid
    (Order no. 2208- M&M/8/2014 dated 01.09.2016 of L&LR Dept)
  • Post facto conversion up to 0.03 acre in Municipal Corporation/Municipality area and 0.08 acre in other area (other than water body) made permissible
    (Notification No. 1414-L dated 05.10.2010)
  • Land Allotment Policy made available in public domain (
    (Order No. 6686-LP/1A-18/2012 dated:26.12.2012)
  • Provision of recording the name and status of lessee and /or assignee in the land khatian/ROR introduced
    (Order No. 1509-LP/1A-10/2014 dated 26.05.2015)
  • Digitized land records made available online
  • Land Bank with GIS facilities within a single portal is being developed
  • Land allotment by various Govt. authorities is being made online with clear timeline
Query / Grievance