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SWAS - Service With A Smile

Mobile App based help desk and query handling system

One of the challenges that an average entrepreneur faces is lack of an institutional facility in the government to follow up on queries related to statutory clearances and incentives.

To address this, the Government of West Bengal has taken an initiative to provide businesses with a mobile app based trackable and transparent mechanism. This is SWAS, a help-desk and enquiry handling system, and a digital gateway for entrepreneurs to get a resolution to their queries on statutory compliance and incentives.

How to Use SWAS

To take advantage of the system, an entrepreneur has to download the SWAS app on an Android smartphone. After logging in to the system, the query can be entered on a simple user-friendly screen. If an answer to this query is in the database of “frequently asked questions” (FAQs), the answer will be immediately shown to the user. If the answer is not present in the database, it will let the user create a “help desk” ticket or an “enquiry” ticket, depending upon the purpose, i.e. is the entrepreneur trying to get some information, or is facing any difficulty.

The query will be recorded with a date and time stamp and automatically sent for resolution. If the query is not answered in 5 days, it will be escalated. All queries will be tracked to ensure resolution within 15 days.


The benefits of putting queries in the system will be :

  • Entrepreneurs and prospective investors will get one place to send their queries.
  • Entrepreneurs will have confidence in the government system for easing their way of doing business by listening to them and trying to help them out.
  • The queries will be tracked and transparently resolved.

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